I thought I’d take a minute to explain how a basement finishing project goes when working with us. I’ll focus on a project for a new house (built within the last 20 years). Older homes can have a variety of issues involving waterproofing, code violations or multiple homeowner DIY projects to sort through. While we are experienced in dealing with those issues, its a bigger topic that I will have to tackle in a future blog.

For our basement finishing projects I act as the point man for your
project. I will work with you to design a layout that meets your needs and come up with a detailed estimate. Once the project is underway I act as the general contractor and lead carpenter. We handle all of the carpentry and finish work ourselves. As the general contractor I will arrange and organize our trusted subcontractors; electrician, plumber and drywall. We use the same subcontractors on every project. We work as a team. I will also arrange and handle all of the permits and inspections. We never do a basement remodeling project without permits.

Our typical basement finishing project takes about 5-7 weeks (depending on complexity and size). You can expect the cost to fall between $25-$35 per sq.ft. Factors that contribute to higher costs are custom cabinetry, stone countertops and underground plumbing work. Evan at $35/sq.ft., that is a bargain compared to the cost of an addition or new build (usually around $110/sq.ft. or more). Estimates and questions are always free. Just give us a call.