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Cigar Room

We recently completed a very interesting basement remodeling project. We were asked to design and build a cigar smoking room in a portion of the basement. It involved some great features like a hidden bookcase as entry door and extensive ventilation system. As a cigar smoker myself, in an area of the country where winter seems to drag on forever, …

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Basement Egress

We have been getting a lot of calls this year about egress windows for basement remodels.  People are asking about pricing, different models/features and code requirements. All good questions when you are considering a finished basement or remodeling. The most common question is “Do I need an egress window if I finish my basement”?  The answer of course, is that …

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Common Issues from Recent Basement Remodeling Projcts

Rough plumbing in the wrong place. Untangling years of electrical work. Providing proper combustible air to furnace and water tank Each basement project is a unique and fun experience for us. However, there are a few problems/issues that we run into time and again. Of course we always work under a building permit from the local city/county, so any problems …

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Interior Painting

My first two blog posts were on our basement remodeling projects so i wanted to give our painting work some attention too. The painting trades is where I got my start 25 years ago. Painting is the project that most homeowners are willing to tackle themselves. Some more successfully than others! A good painting project is at lease 75% prep …

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Basement Construction Methods

Our philosophy for building basements is to use the same methods of construction that are used in the upper floors of the house. We will stud out the walls with lumber, insulate the exterior foundation walls and close up the walls and ceiling with drywall. We want to match the existing style of doors, baseboards and casings as the upper …

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Basement Remodeling Projects

I thought I’d take a minute to explain how a basement finishing project goes when working with us. I’ll focus on a project for a new house (built within the last 20 years). Older homes can have a variety of issues involving waterproofing, code violations or multiple homeowner DIY projects to sort through. While we are experienced in dealing with …

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